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Online & Onsite, Manitoba based consulting agency.
We provide individual or team consultation, certified training and coaching as per your requirements.



Hourly and contract, from needs analysis to optimal service we are glad to connect online or onsite for the individual, organization or community team.


Choose from individual or group, certified programs & workshops. Theory & practical application exercises, templates, tools and systems arm you for success.


Confidential representation of your requirements. Private, corporate, government, military or non profit we are experienced to navigate.


Online Courses



Online courses, books, audio books and video supplements are available for viewing, individual and bulk purchase.

*Coached certification programming see services tab).

Who we are

Lori Payne


Lori is acting Director of Payne Consulting & Coaching Inc. and President, Founder of Project Blue World Business & Foundation. Experienced in leading management, maintenance, product, service and program development initiatives in aerospace, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and private sector provides agency and representation, liaison and management service to individuals, organizations and communities. Navigation, consultation and representation in serving government, domestic and foreign military, corporate, airline and airforces, doctors, health leaders and communities, all citizen services.

Todd Payne


Todd is Chief Executive Officer Payne Consulting & Coaching Inc., co Founder Project Blue World Business & Foundation. Todd is senior eyes and adviser in carry out of client service from experience in quality product and production methods in printing, fire and rescue services. Providing expertise from printing, packaging and distribution in the food and beverage industry; flexographic and digital labels for accurate presentation of goods from product development to training of individuals and teams. Specialty in pre incident planning to emergency response in fire, flood, accident mitigation, citizen education and long term planning from Manitoba’s Interlake region.

Service Partners, Programs & Publishing

Qualified service and programming within network; Agents, consultants & coaches, speakers and facilitators of your requirements from around the globe.

Our Clients

A1 agency, representation service, accurate and quality reporting; engineering of repair and overhaul of energy generation gas turbine engine compressors, short and long term planning for our global energy generating fleets.

Andy Blake Burke
Engine Repairs Manager 
Centrax Limited, UK

Communication, strategy and structure, timelines and customer service, Lori’s constant focus, Lori served our team, the Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority formally as a  Local Health Involvement Group Member, citizen, board liaison representative.

Pam McCallum
Executive Director

Whats broken? Needs to be fixed? How are we going to get there? What are we going to do next and who is taking actions? Lori will keep you and your teams, from people to planes, safe, on time at projected ROI.

Lawrence Traa
Retired VP Pratt & Whitney Airlines & Fleets