Payne Consulting & Coaching Inc. was founded in 2016 to develop remote and onsite service from Manitoba’s Interlake region. We are glad to make your acquaintance.


To generate success and opportunity for individuals, organizations and communities.


To be provider of choice for simple, safe, quality management & maintenance solutions.


Challenge, Go & See, Continuous Improvement Mindset, Respect & Teamwork.

Lori Payne


Lori is Director of Payne Consulting & Coaching Inc., Certified to manage people and product in 2002, expert in developing Quality Management Systems and leading continuous improvement initiatives. Supply chain, infrastructure and business development initiatives in aerospace engine repair and overhaul, fleet and individual for helicopters, turboprops and aeroderivative turbines for 20 years, expanded to serve all sectors in 2016, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, commercial, government, military or private sector Lori is also and President, Founder of Project Blue World. ProjectBlueWorld.ca.

Management and Administration; Certified in Management
University of Manitoba; Buying, Law, Policy, Finance, Business Planning, Communications. *upgrading to Chartered Manager 2021

Certified in Business Administration
Red River Community College; Marketing, Microcomputer Productivity, Business Math, Speaking.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, minor and major redesign projects, planning, facilitating, training and implementation certified On the Job Trainer and implementer of Continuous Improvement. Training and working with CI, Lean and redesign since 1990. Upgrades 2016 – 2019 include 7 week online Lean tutorial training in Toyota Production Systems, plus 13 days workshop training in Self, Team Problem solving, Continuous Improvement to success.

Aircraft & Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Engine Maintenance Management
StandardAero University; Representation of individual and fleet engine maintenance and asset management. Trained and served aviation, industrial and marine energy generation service 29 years Certified Customer Service Representative, Service Manager and Customer Service Engineer (product specific signatories as below) *Transport Canada Approved Program certified by product type in accordance with Canadian Air Regulation 573.10

Aircraft Engine Applications represented
• Turboprop Pratt & Whitney PT6A series
• Helicopter Allison A250 series
• Propellers C130+
• Accessories & Components

Aeroderivative Energy Generation Engine Applications represented
• Rolls Royce T56/501 series; providing remote energy generation for factories, oil platforms, hospitals, ships and communities.

Todd Payne


Todd is Chief Executive Officer Payne Consulting & Coaching Inc., Todd is senior eyes and adviser in carry out of client service from experience in quality product and production methods, training and leading teams. Todd links mechanical to digital. Provides expertise from graphic arts and printing, as well as fire and rescue services. From product development to training of individuals and teams. Todd is expert in developing action plans, pre incident planning to emergency response from years of remote service response in fire, flood, accident mitigation, citizen education, short and long term planning. Todd is Chief of board & co founder Project Blue World.

Certified in Graphic Arts
Red River Community College

Certified Fire Fighting Level II
National Fire Protection Association, Standard 1001

Certified Emergency Services Instructor Level I
National Fire Protection Association, Standard 1041

Lean Management
Lean Leadership Institute online 7 week tutorial program and 3 day workshop. Self, Team Problem solving, Continuous Improvement to success.

Printing Press applications; Labels, packaging, product & service experience
• Digital
• 650 Webtron
• 10″ Mark Andy
• Stanford Letter Press
• ETI Cohesio

Why us?

Experienced remote or onsite service

Fix what bugs you, develop Continuous Improvement System

Build Quality Management System, performance products & processes

Receive personalized confidential or public facing service.

Optimize yourself & your team

Let’s build something together.

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