Facilitation of Requirements

By the hour or long term requirement, individual or group.


Hourly and contract consultation service, available by phone or onsite.

Gas Turbine Engine, Propellers, & Accessories Service Management
Aircraft & Aeroderivative. PT6A, A250, T56/501 series engines, propellers & accessories experienced

Quality Management Systems
Operations, Policy & Procedure, Standards Development, Needs Analysis with Executive Reporting

Scene & Site, Manage Programs and Projects
Investigation, Risk & Mitigation, Planning & Troubleshooting Tools & Techniques, recommendations provided.

Flexographic & Digital Printing
Service consultation; design, development, through carry out of quality product.

Coaching & Facilitation

Choose from individual or group, informal & workshops. Coached theory & practical application exercises, templates, tools and systems to arm you for success.

Business Performance
Fix what is broken. Optimize operations based on your requirements. Rate variable by number of participants, individual/small group/corporate x length of time. $100-250-500+ CDN
30 – 60 minute, repeats optional to train team members in Continuous Improvement tracking, small and large projects.
Developing a Continuous Improvement Culture; Improve profitability, efficiency, service and safety. Utilize a consistent tools and procedures, teach your teams to problem solve their way from goal to solutions. Presentation with optional handout and problem solving workshop, perfect for individual and group learning.

Fire Fighting Level 1
200 hrs
National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1001 Certified, experienced instructor of new recruits and experienced fire fighters, Fire Fighting Level 1 program is 200 hrs, coordinated through your local departments, certifications and authorities.


Confidential representation of your requirements. Private, corporate, government, domestic, foreign, military, global regulatory navigation experienced.

Agency & Representation
Facilitation of your interests in accordance with your, industry and regulatory need.

Translation & Publications
What to say when and how to reach your audience, let us support and serve your goals.

Lori provided accurate, quality representation, engineering our aircraft engine maintenance.  Designing short and long term solutions for our Toronto air base from forecast of engine repair to carry out and return to service.

Bob Scott

From market needs analysis to keeping aircraft engine maintenance teams on track, with  manufacturer and regulatory requirements Lori applies theory, verifies objectives and carries out quality work.

Colin Carswell
Retired VP Maintenance
Wasaya Airways 

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